BUKPOL - zakład mechaniki maszyn

​Zakład Mechaniki Maszyn BUKPOL Łagodziński sp.j.

ul. Dolna 96
95-006 Brójce, Poland

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About us

BUKPOL is a family business founded in 1989, located in Bukowiec, in the suburbs of Lodz. We specialise in maching of metal parts. We deliver ready products to our customers, offering help and support on all production stages – design, tooling, CNC machining, surface treatment, complex heat and chemical treatment, assembly, packing and spedition.

CNC Machining

In the centre of our competences is complex CNC machining of metal parts on numerical and conventional machines according to the specifications/drawings provided by the customer. Our machine park includes the following machines: - vertical, 4- axis milling centres;  horizontal milling centres with palletization and a circular table; advanced turning lathes...

See how we work

You can see a short movie about Bukpol: